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About us

To present the uniqueness of travel opportunities in Chile and other South American countries and to bring them closer to tourists is the goal of me and my team. With Montañamar Tours, Austrian-born Hannes Schönauer has fulfilled a dream. Namely, together with other experienced travel experts, to show people the beauty of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador - and in an individual and spectacular way.

Hannes Schönauer

Travel expert and owner

graduated in hotel management and gastronomy

trained "Sommelier"

passion for traveling

Hallo, ich bin Hannes!

Hannes graduated in hotel management and gastronomy at the renowned Hotelfachschule Salzburg and refined his linguistic and professional knowledge in various international hotels and restaurants worldwide. In Salzburg, he successfully managed his family's catering business. Due to his passion for traveling, he has traveled to almost every continent, speaks several languages and is familiar with a wide variety of cultures.

During his expedition travels, Hannes decided to explore South America and traveled through both Chile and Argentina - from one end of the continent to the other. And he stayed there! With the desire to show the culture and natural beauty of Chile and South America to the world, Hannes founded Montañamar Travel.

His focus is on customized travel for individuals and groups seeking unique experiences with first class service "At the End of the World".

Hannes always strives to keep his knowledge of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Panama up to date. He is very knowledgeable about the landscapes, cultures, flora and fauna, and history of these countries. Each of our trips is personally worked out by Hannes and his team down to the smallest detail.

As a trained "Sommelier" Hannes has participated in various professional wine courses in Austria. As a wine lover, he has traveled to the most important wine regions of the world from a young age, from Napa Valley in California to Barossa Valley in Australia. Almost all wine tours are accompanied by him personally. In a country where wines are approaching the top of the world on a daily basis, Hannes offers a personal, friendly and excellent service to provide his clients with an extraordinary journey "At the End of the World".

Let's work together to create unforgettable travel experiences that showcase the beauty of South America and fascinate each and every traveler.