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Beautiful wine regions and impressive landscapes

Experience the wine worlds of South America with Montañamar Tours

In Vino Veritas, is the famous quote that already the Romans and Gauls made their own to indulge in the noble fermented grape juice. Together with the experienced specialized travel companion:in of Montañamar Tours can dive vacation and South America fans into the fascinating world of the wine. 

Together we will conquer the renowned wine regions of Chile and Argentina or explore the emerging wine scene in Uruguay and Argentina. But that's not all - we also offer customized wine tours to lesser known, yet enchanting wine zones such as Peru, Northern Argentina and Bolivia. Gladly on request!

Experience wine production up close

Our wine tours offer you a unique opportunity to experience wine production up close. We organize visits to renowned wineries where you can learn the art of grape growing and winemaking from experienced winemakers. Enjoy exclusive wine tastings and taste fine wines right on the spot.

Our professional and knowledgeable guides will accompany you on your wine tour and share their extensive knowledge of the wine industry and the cultural background of the regions visited. We place great emphasis on first-class accommodations and ensure that you can relax in selected hotels of the highest quality.

Customized wine tours according to the client's preferences

With Montañamar Tours you have the flexibility to customize your trip according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a group tour or want a customized tour for your private group, we are at your side to fulfill your travel needs.

Our wine tours are not just for wine connoisseurs, but for anyone interested in the culture, history and beauty of South America's wine regions. Let's explore the breathtaking scenery together, taste local specialties and experience the hospitality of the local people.

Our selection of wine tours is something to behold. From Chile and Argentina to Uruguay, Peru, Northern Argentina and Bolivia - we offer unforgettable wine adventures in the most beautiful wine regions of South America. 

Book your wine tour with Montañamar Tours and let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating world of wine.

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