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Discover the fascinating Brazil in an unforgettable way with Montañamar Tours. We offer unique and magical experiences that you will remember forever. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Brazil and experience unforgettable moments.

Brazil is known for its breathtaking nature, its delicious cuisine, its rhythmic music and above all for its warm hospitality. With Montañamar Tours you have the opportunity to experience all this and much more. Our experienced team has carefully put together a selection of tours that cover all aspects of Brazil. Whether you want to explore the vibrant cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, or prefer to relax in the nature of the Amazon rainforest or the beaches of Bahia, we have the perfect program for you. 

Brazil is a country of superlatives

In Brazil you will find the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, which is home to a unique biodiversity and invites you to unforgettable adventures. Explore the dense jungle, observe exotic animals and experience the untouched nature up close.

Besides the Amazon, Brazil also offers an impressive coastline with endless sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Visit the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, such as Copacabana and Ipanema, and enjoy the relaxed beach life and Brazilian hospitality. Here you can soak up the sun, drink fresh coconuts and watch the rhythmic samba hustle and bustle.

Brazil is also known for its vibrant cities, especially Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Explore the colorful hustle and bustle of the street markets, sample local specialties in the numerous restaurants and experience the vibrant nightlife in the trendy clubs and bars. Immerse yourself in Brazil's rich culture by learning traditional dances such as samba and capoeira or participating in colorful carnival celebrations.

© Photo by Muhammed Ballan

Nature lovers take note

For nature lovers, the country offers many more highlights. Visit the breathtaking Iguaçu waterfalls, which straddle the border with Argentina and are among the largest waterfalls in the world. Explore the Pantanal region, one of the largest wetlands on earth, and observe the diverse wildlife, including caimans, jaguars and countless bird species.

Brazil is also a land of contrasts. Explore the historic center of Salvador da Bahia, steeped in Portuguese colonialism, and experience Afro-Brazilian culture firsthand. Or take a trip to the south of Brazil, where you can discover charming German colonial towns like Blumenau and Nova Petrópolis.

© Photo by Muhammed Ballan

Conclusion: let Montañamar Tours take you on a magical trip to Brazil

After all the exciting experiences and impressions you will gather with Montañamar Tours on your trip through Brazil, there is only one thing left to say: let us take you on a magical journey that you will remember forever. From the breathtaking nature to the unique culture of Brazil, we will show you everything this country has to offer. Our experienced guides will accompany you and are always available to give you advice and support. Discover with us the diversity of Brazil, be inspired by the Brazilian cuisine and hospitality and explore fascinating sights all over Brazil. We guarantee you an unforgettable time full of adventure and exciting experiences.