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Wine tours through Uruguay & Brazil with Montañamar Tours

Exploring the wine worlds of South America

Discover the fascinating wine world of South America with Montañamar Tours! Our wine tour takes you through Uruguay and Brazil and offers you an unforgettable experience full of pleasure and culture.

  • Duration

    13 days

  • exclusive Montañamar Tours extras

    expert tour guide:in on site with special local and wine knowledge 

Small country with great wine tradition

Uruguay, a small country with a great wine tradition, awaits you on the first day of your trip. Upon arrival in Montevideo, you will be warmly welcomed by our expert tour guide. You will visit selected bodegas in Montevideo and have the opportunity to taste fine wines. The program also includes lunch at a winery and time to relax at your hotel in Montevideo.

On the fourth day, you will travel from Montevideo to Porto Alegre, Brazil. There you will immerse yourself in the Bento Goncalves wine-growing zone. You will visit renowned wineries such as Pizzato and Valduga and be introduced to the secrets of winemaking by experts. Enjoy lunch at a selected restaurant and spend the night in Bento Goncalves.

© Photo by Muhammed Ballan

Rushing Waterfalls & Fascinating Border Triangle

After a short flight, you will arrive in Foz do Iguazu, where you will experience the impressive Iguazu Waterfalls and visit the tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The trip then continues to Rio de Janeiro, where you will visit the famous statue of Christ and Sugar Loaf Mountain. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this samba metropolis.

© Photo by Muhammed Ballan

Montañamar Tours: Your service partner with know-how

Montañamar Tours offers you excellent service during the entire trip. You will stay in carefully selected hotels and will be accompanied by German speaking guides. All excursions and tours are included, as well as all entrance fees. Special highlights are the exclusive wine tours with tastings, where you will get to know the variety and quality of South American wines.

Experience the unique combination of wine, culture and nature on our wine tour through Uruguay and Brazil. Immerse yourself in the world of South American wine and be inspired by the beauty and hospitality of these countries. 

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